Under Authority is a four part series laying down strong foundations and tools for balancing moral and biblical beliefs with rules, directives and orders coming through the “Chain of Command.”

In Part 1: Conceptualization of Authority, Kurt Parsons will present a biblical overview of the role that family, church, and government authority play in society. Kurt’s presentation includes a discussion on what is a healthy application of authority and examples of abusive authority.

Part 2: Biblical Role of Government in Society, John Voss, focuses on what the Bible has to say about the role God ordained for government in society, his standards for leaders within a government system, and a Christian’s respectful interaction with the hierarchy of civil authority.

Part 3: Whom Do I Obey?, John Voss goes into a tough discussion on how to sort out moral loyalties when faced with a legal, ethical, or moral dilemma.

Part 4: Case Study: Foundation of US Military Value System Hezekiah Barge guides the viewer through a series of American historical documents to provide a look into the Judeo/Christian underpinnings for the American society and government framework which have helped shape a number of values currently espoused by the United States’ military today.

Under Authority

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