The Valley of the Shadow of Death - “Thou Shalt Not Kill” God’s 6th commandment to Moses and yet members of the military may be required to kill. This DVD contains lessons on how to maintain a Godly focus in the valley of the shadow of death. It continues on how to recognize Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and offers some tools for healing.

Part 1: Bearing the Sword - In this lesson John Voss expounds on the definition of the Sixth Commandment and the difference between murder and lawful slaying. He presents an airtight case from both the Old and New Testament for the ability of a person to serve in the armed forces and defend his or her country against foreign and domestic enemies. He also discusses the Biblical viewpoint for serving in a law enforcement capacity in order to restrain those who do wrong using up to lethal force if necessary. This session also presents what it means for a Christian to “turn the other cheek” and love one’s enemies in order to be a catalyst for them turning to Christ.

Part 2: Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death - In this lesson Kurt Parsons presents an understanding of God’s eternal purposes in the midst of battle through maiming or death based on the principle of being in vertical relationship to God and horizontal relationship with people. He gives his own personal testimony of how he and his family have sought to live for Christ while he has served in the military. He also presents a moving story of God’s grace to the soldiers injured during an explosive device attack on a convoy he was leading in 2009 in Afghanistan.

Part 3: Invisible Wounds: Dealing with Post Traumatic Disorder - Michell Cook presents a stirring presentation on the causes, symptoms, and some of the tools for healing concerning post traumatic disorder that include his own powerful story of finding healing as a child after picking up the pieces after his brother’s suicide.

Bonus Section: God’s Protection on the Battlefield - This bonus section shares the incredible testimonies of John Voss, Michael Lee, and Daniel Serrano walking with the Lord in the midst of the violent chaos that is the battlefield.

The Valley of the Shadow of Death

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