Those Left Behind is a two part presentation on what to expect at home when your spouse is deployed. It helps to guide you through understanding and incorporating biblical principles to help create and maintain a healthy home environment.

Part 1: The Military Family - In this lesson Nicole Lee, the wife of Army Special Forces operator Michael Lee, tells her story of what the life in a military family is like. She shares both Biblical as well as practical principles from her personal experience that present a powerful road map to having a rock solid marriage. She also presents wise guidance on strengthening between parent and child relationships in the midst of the unique challenges and circumstances military families find themselves in.

Part 2: The Deployment Cycle - In this lesson Nicole Lee shares from her personal experience of being separated from her husband for approximately a total of 40 months after 9/11 to 2010 what the stressors and phases are of a typical deployment. She shares her applications of timeless Biblical truths combined with practical examples of how the “left behind” spouse and children of a deployed parent can be victorious in their emotional struggles that come with the challenges they face during a deployment.

Bonus Section: Stories from the Home Front - In this bonus section, David and Jaime Moore give a deeply emotional account of the ups and downs of military life to include being on the brink of divorce. They relate a powerful testimony of the difference living for Christ made for their family. Follow their story through the difficulties they faced David’s Marine Corps career that included two deployments and the recruiting field.

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