Testimonies - Hear the life changing stories from real men in the military who have experienced God’s hand in their lives including some tense moments during battle.

Below is a listing of the background testimonies of some of the speakers and leaders involved in the “After God’s Own Heart” project:

Christopher Reardon - The director of the series, Christopher Reardon, shares his story of coming to faith in Christ through dealing with his personal struggles while studying at the United States Naval Academy with reconciling military service with faith in Christ. He also provides a behind the scenes look at the inspiration behind the “After God’s Own Heart” series.

Michael Lee - Michael Lee sheds light on his faith in Christ and how it guided him during career in the United States Army Special Forces.

John Voss - John Voss shares his personal testimony and insight into the background he has with the Navigators Military Ministry while serving United States Marines and Russian military personnel.

Chaim Russ - Chaim Russ is an ethnic Israeli currently living in the United States. Chaim was an atheist before he came to Christ in 1981. He tells his story of military service with the Israeli Defense Forces. Chaim shares with us some of the personal miracles he experienced in battle to include those he witnessed during operations in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Under Authority

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