After God's Own Heart

Purpose and Goals of the Series

Welcome to the Force Ministries “After God’s Own Heart” series!  This video series is unique in the fact that it will address topics that members of an armed forces or law enforcement organization face from a Biblical viewpoint.  The goals of the series are as follows:

  1. Delve into a Judeo/Christian worldview concerning the application of authority to include a historical background of current United States military values.
  2. Provide a Biblical viewpoint concerning the unique duties and challenges facing armed forces and law enforcement personnel.
  3. Give families practical and spiritual principles that will allow them to face the unique and many times adverse circumstances they will find themselves in.
  4. Present Biblical leadership principles that will provide insight into the characteristics that make a charismatic and influential leader.
  5. Explain the basics of spiritual warfare and tactics for victory.
  6. Demonstrate how one can be a winsome model of Christ that can be a catalyst for others to follow in His footsteps.