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10 October 2013
Last Words – Force Ministries at the U.S. Naval Academy, by Steve Murrell
Dr. Rodriguez

“Come and See” discipleship moments made simple. Thank you Steve, for the inspiration and explanation in making discipleship simple. Also, read about Force Ministries at work in the US Naval Academy. Read full post at: Semper Fi, Dr Ray

11 July 2013
Finding Passion and Inspiration at Work
Dr. Rodriguez

This morning, I came across an insightful article by Shawn Snow. In it he inspires his readers to find passion in their work. Whether military commander or private, corporate executive or factory floor worker, or family manager (which encompasses all of the other job functions), we all spend a large portionRead More…

24 May 2013
Memorial Day Tribute
Dr. Rodriguez

On Monday, May 27th we’ll be celebrating Memorial Day. There will be lots of fun going on; BBQ’s, good times at a park or a beach, and a day off from work for many. However, Memorial Day is also a solemn day, a day for remembering. In fact, its primaryRead More…

10 May 2013
FM Messenger – Spring 2013 Release

Just Arrived The Spring 2013 release of “The Messenger” The Messenger contains the latest news articles on Force Ministry activities.  In this issue, you will find updates from Fort Campbell, Camp Pendleton, and from our training section – Force Ministry’s Media Production.  Take a look and see some of theRead More…

25 February 2013
Anger Management
Angry Bird

What does that mean, anger reduction, suppression, enticement, elimination or something else?  If your staff (or leaders) ever find themselves angry at someone, they’ll need Anger Management help.  Don’t worry, it does not have to mean weeks of therapy.  Just like medical help it this help comes in several forms.  It rangesRead More…

23 February 2013
Force Ministry Talks
Dr. Rodriguez
Community bids

The image you see on the main page portrays some of the several branches of the US military and police forces.  We at Force Ministries are here to provide a wide range of services to the men and women that put their lives on the line everyday, so that theRead More…

22 February 2013
Finding Peace and Contentment
Dr. Rodriguez

What images do the words tranquility, peace, and serenity bring to mind? What about contentment? If you could slice a day out of your life and label it with one of these words, what day would that be? What were you doing? Where were you? For me a tranquil andRead More…


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