Soldier with gun ready to fire

Force Ministries Mission and Objectives:


Raise up members of the armed forces and law enforcement organizations and their families to embody Christ centered duty.


Our organization sets out to accomplish the following for the men and women of the military and law enforcement organizations it interacts with:

1. Be a facilitator for a love relationship with God through Jesus Christ so they can experience God's supernatural presence and personal interaction in their daily lives.

2. Guide them to understand the relationship between their Lord and their duties as defenders of others.

3. Instill in them values that will cause them to be men and women of Christ-like character on and off duty.

4. Develop men and women who will serve with a spirit of excellence and unconditional love that causes them to be a catalyst for others to follow in Christ's footsteps.

5. Raise them up to be dynamic, positive, and influential leaders who serve with excellence both in public and private civic positions of responsibilities through the application of Biblical leadership.

6. Equip them and their families with spiritual tools and relational support so they can be tightly knit and aid other families in similar circumstances.